Wildog 4×4 Accessories

Making New Tracks.
It all started out when Wildog approached me to use my vehicle as the prototyping unit. I wanted to make the most of the whole situation and document the whole process, from the 3D scanning all the way through to the manufacturing and final fitment of the bumpers. Renier did an incredible job designing these bumpers and his skilled team hand assemble each bumper in a  matter of weeks. Now almost a year later, I am a Wildog dealer, enabling me to give my followers great deals on purchasing their very own vehicle protection! I want to dedicate this page to the journey of how these bumpers came to life.

Cut, Grind, Weld and Craft.

I got to document the entire process. The hard work that goes into hand crafting each bumper.

It wasn't long until I was out exploring and putting these new bumpers to the test. Pushing my vehicle to the limits on all sorts of adventures to make sure the were solid, and that they could keep up with the Jimny.

They have earned their place on the Jimny with flying colours, and will soon be heading to the Outback to conquer Australia too..

Rock, Mud and Dirt

With recovery points, Hi-Lift Jacking points, and made out of Steel, they are tough, utilitarian and ridiculously good looking...

They will continue to be a prominent element of my build, and we will work together to keep developing exciting and new products. Especially now that they are almost ready for the Aussie market!

To top it all off, I love these products so much I made it my mission to be come a Wildog Dealer, meaning I can get my viewers amazing prices to upgrade their vehicles too. So make sure to use the code "ROAM10" Or you can contact me directly for any additional information and pricing. My Patreon members are also entitled to bigger discounts*