When I was working on building my Amarok I had my wish list of mods, and these guys were right up there! Their bumpers are great looking, however still strong and practical. So when they approached me and were looking for a new Jimny to use to make their first prototype bumper, I leaped at the opportunity with excitement!

I was so excited infact that I wanted to document the entire process, from 3D scans to final fitment! It was epic!

They started by stripping the bumpers to reveal the chassis underneath, the high tech 3D scans would form the basis for which Renier (the Owner and Designer at Wildog) would be able to work from. Finding the right mounting points, crafting the design to work

perfectly with the lines of the vehicle, he really didnt hold back. Even with a nagging and excited Adrian messaging him almost daily to get progress reports and to try and get a sneak peak to share with you guys!

When Renier called me and said he was ready for me to come and film the whole manufacturing process, I couldnt even wait! It was so epic to see my bumpers go through such an intense transformation. Watching the pieces of steel getting laser cut to the hand crafted assembly… I realised the amount of hands that would craft my bumpers was incredible. Grinding, bending, welding, sanding, sandblasting, Ecoating, powder coating, all of these processes all just for one bumper. Its crazy!

Just before the final touches like coating and paint, we did our test fitment, to see how close the scans and designs matched the vehicle. Everything went of mostly without an issue, nothing but a couple mm’s here or there that needed minor adjustments for a perfect fit. Now the waiting game really began! Waiting ever day for the call to come through from Renier, to tell me the bumpers are ready and I can come through for the Final fitment!

That day did indeed arrive. In hindsight it seems like the process was over in the blink of an eye, but at the time every day of anticipation was like a week! I drove out there at the soonest opportunity. The fitment took hours, they had a lot to do! Again they stripped the bumpers, leaving my Jimny naked for the last time. Bolting on the bumpers and getting to work on connecting up the new lights and making sure everything fit perfectly! It has to be solid, because the recovery points and winch plate are going to go under a lot of pressure in the future, so everything needed to be perfect. The rocksliders went on without a hitch! and really finished off the combo!

It was time to take a step back and look at what all those weeks of hard work by so many people had turned into. What an awesome feeling! I dont think it was even a week before I head out to give them their first coat of mud!

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