Eezi Awn

Very Simply, The Very Best.

Eezi Awn, manufacturers of high grade expedition equipment for the past 37 Years… Proudly manufactured in South Africa, where every single product is hand made to last where it really matters, in the harsh conditions out in the world. From Africa, to America, Europe and Australia… Eezi Awn has seen it all. For a company with a heritage like this to support me, is unimaginable. Its not every day that your dream build actually gets to happen. I wanted to dedicate this page to my Journey with Eezi Awn. So check out each step along the way!

The Evolution

Little did I know that the day my roofrack went on, it would open up my world to so many more incredible opportunities than I could have imaged...

The Journey

My Roofrack would see me travel across Dune Beaches, Misty Forests, and Rocky Mountains.

It would allow me to have a home away from home, a comfortable escape from the simple and often challenging Overlanding experience.

It's priceless being able to guarentee a great nights sleep, water, additional food and respite from the scorching African sun.

Without a doubt, my Roofrack has been the single most important accessory on my Jimny, enabling me to whatever I want with it.

Eezi Awn have supplied me with some truly fantastic equipment and I have managed to narrow it down to a perfect selection.

We tested everything, different accessories, tents, awnings and even rack sizes

Just to find the perfect combination to make my Jimny the Ultimate Micro Overlander

The Final Step...

With our final tweaks and changes happening, we realised there was one last touch the build needed. Why not create a ladder for the rear door, a simple and easy way to access the roofrack. In a couple days Jess and his team had made it happen.

The crazy thing is…

This is only just the beginning of my Journey… 

Head over to to begin yours!