I just had to have a first look at the all new Suzuki Jimny, I had been following all the posts on instagram for the past few weeks!

It didnt dissapoint! You can definitely see all the tiny details that Suzuki has learned over the over 50 year lineage of the Jimny, it just feels so good. They have taken it back, yet forward and into the present day at the same time. The styling really makes it look like a mini defender/gwagon, but also pays so much respect to the SJ40 even returning the 4×4 Transfer case to the original mechanical version, so you can actually feel when you change to 4×4 or Lo-range. The rear section of the vehicle can be completely flat, meaning you can have a fridge and drawer system take up the whole back of the vehicle which is great! However if you arent traveling and just missioning around town as a daily driver, you can also comfortably seat 4 adults, that really surprised me! I didnt expect such a tiny car to fit me comfortably in the back, and I am not a small person!

I’m very excited to get behind the wheel of this bad boy, and really put it to the test.

Here are some more images from the day!