Des Sol 4×4  Accessories

Making New Tracks.

So I got in touch with Des Sol 4×4, who I knew were specialists when it came to Jimny’s. Rob & Lynton are a father son duo with a passion for 4x4ing and Jimny’s! They stock everything from extreme offroading accessories to things like wheel spacers and recovery equipment. So they were a great team to get involved with and test out some of their products for the new Jimny. This page is dedicated to our journey so far


My build progressed to a point where it was time to start looking at upgrading the suspension to help handle the additional weight. It would also be the perfect reason to lift the vehicle a bit too! 



Increasing the amount of flex offroad quite dramatically! It's one of those things that just happens to be a huge amount of fun to test out and play around with.

Check out some videos below to see just how much fun we have had offroad!


Along with the suspension setup we also widen the wheel track with 32mm Spacers; I decided to go along with this option to try and counteract the high centre of gravity from having such a loaded roofrack. I havent experienced any negative effects yet.