Cross Country Insurance Consultants

& Compendium Insurance  Brokers

Not All Insurance is Created Equal – Take Us with You

My good friend, Frikkie Visser at Compendium Insurance Brokers introduced me to the incredible team at Cross Country Insurance, and once they had explained to me what they offered, and just how their services are specialized for Overlanders and 4×4 enthusiasts, I knew that I wanted to get involved! This is something that gives me the ultimate peace of mind when I am out on my Adventures, know that I have got such a great support system, that if trouble arises they have me covered, no matter how far in the middle of nowhere I am, they will be there for me if I need them. This type of service is priceless when you need it.

What Makes Them Different?

Our passion is also their passion. So they understand our needs as Overlanders and 4x4 Adventure Enthusiasts. They understand that we spend loads of money on our accessories and that our vehicles are a part of the family and not just a car.

This sounds good, keep going...

So here are details…

-Full Comprehensive Cover

-Full Offroad Application Use

-Covered Across Southern Africa and parts of Eastern Africa

-Replacement of Non Standard Vehicle Accessories on an Agreed Value Basis

-Vehicle Repatriation costs beyond the RSA Borders, following an accident – R65,000.00, Following a mechanical/electrical breakdown – R30,000.00

-Mechanical/Electrical breakdown of Winching Equipment – R15,000.00 with no Excess

-Vehicle Audio Equipment and Two-way Radio’s – R15,000.00

-Passenger Liability R5,000,000.00 and Third Party Liability R10,000,000.00

-Hospitality beyond RSA Borders – R12,000.00 for Temporary accommodation/return flight’s home per insured event 

And plenty more… But these are some of the things that really make their offering stand out from the crowd and show you that this is not just another vehicle insurance policy. It’s a well thought out support system, that can help you when you need it most, which is often when you least expect it.

 Lets be honest, life happens… So be prepared.


But wait, there's more...

Emergency Assistance Services

-Medical Emergency Evacuation

-Guaranteed Hospital Admission

-Trauma Assistance

-Legal Assistance

-Emergency Roadside Assistance, Flat tyre, Flat Battery, Keys Locked in Vehicle, Fuel Delivery and Mechanical or Electrical breakdown Towing.

-International Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Cover – For a Maximum continuous period of 30 days in a vehicle insured under the Cross Country Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme