The eternal tyre debate! And just another tyre review…. Where do I even begin?

When it comes to the Jimny, things are a bit different. Because its a small car with a small engine and is not notably a very stable vehicle on the road, its very susceptible to the changes you make to it and when it comes to tyres it plays one of the biggest roles in altering your power, fuel economy and gearing. So its a tight rope to walk between balancing all of that with on road performance as well as off road performance.

Offroad, there isnt much that can touch the versatility of these tyres. They are strong and puncture resistant, the sipes in the tread are fantastic at allowing the lugs to clear mud and sticky sand. The tread pattern is aggressive enough to deal well in both mud and sand but not too aggressive as to make for an uncomfortable, noisey ride on the road. All of those aspects that allow it to excell at its offroad performance however are due to having extra layers of strengthening and end up have an effect on the weight of the tyre, this is where the tyre really begins to show some of its down sides, the weight severely effects the fuel consumption, it isnt just the weight of the tyre that does this but also the size that I put on, which is a 215/75/15 over the stock 195/80/15. This increasing the rolling diameter of the tyre, changing the gearing ever so slightly, however as I mentioned ealier, the Jimny is very sensitive to change. Now instead of usinf 6th gear most of the time on the highway, if I want to keep up my revs and power at a comfortable position, I have to actually sit in 5th gear, which is going mean an overall incease in fuel consumption as well as a feeling of a loss of power. I’m happy to exchange those for the incredible performance offroad and the peace of

As I drive mostly around town, 90% and 10% offroad, The onroad handling is still important, on road stability felt like it improved by increasing the tread width to 215 over the 195 that originally came with the vehicle, It might be in my head but it almost felt as if though when going through corners that there is a bit more support and it just feels a tad more sturdy and stable both in corners and on the highway. Over all I have been very happy with the tyres, and they are yet to disappoint me! They are wearing incredibly well and I will be rotating them soon to spread the wear around all the wheels evenly over time.

But even knowing all of this, I cant help but wonder if there is a tyre that would give me an even more well rounded perfomance, perhaps trading some offroad performance for a bit better fuel consumption. Another part of me says, stuff it! I want to put on a big chunky set of 235/75/15 mud tyres and have the craziest Jimny in the world! I’d love to know what you think.. Be sensible and build the ultimate Overlander or be crazy and build the Ultimate Jimny… Comment down below to let me know what you think.

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