While in Somerset West I decided to try and meet up with some friends from Instagram, Simon and Minouw from Rolbos Overland.

They have recently quit their day jobs to try and persue their passion of traveling and creating! A decision I majorly respect! I thought it would be great to hit the trail together and see if we could compare the performance of their Toyota Fortuner 4.0L V6 with our New Suzuki Jimny.

Helderberg 4×4 is set in the vineyards of Stellenbosch, on the Helderberg farm. Its such a nice spot for a morning drive!

We deflated our tyres in preparation for the obstacles ahead, just to be able to give us a bit of extra traction in tricky situations, it also allows the tyres to wrap around rocks or exposed tree roots. The trail began with a simple steep incline, which was more about tyre positioning than anything else! Its interesting to see the size and wheel flex difference between the two vehicles.

We worked our way up through the vineyards over some pretty casual terrain, a bit bumpy with axle twisters but nothing severe. We then arrived at the obstacle that would put our vehicles to a bit of a test. It didnt seem very hectic but it was a steep incline, with an axle twister and then a turn and another axle twister come up over a steep rise. It was a challenge for Simon to find the right line, and the wheel travel of the fortuner fell slightly short and couldnt give him the grip to move him through the obstacle. The only way he would be able to get through would be to really have a lot of momentum but this could lead to severely damaging the vehicle if anything went wrong. They took the detour route and we met up again a minute or two later.

There wasnt too much else after that to challenge us, so we made our way up the mountain to have a boerwors roll and a beer, to celebrate making it up! Its great to meet new, like minded people! We had a great chat and Simon showed me the progress of his vehicle build and he has recently gotten the import rights for the Blueridge Overlanding equipment which looks like a great way to organise and compartmentalise your equipment and make some extra space out of normally dead space!

All in all as we descended back along the route, I was left with high hopes for the future… I could easily see ROAM and Rolbos meeting up at some time in the future for a great Overland adventure! Im super excited to work on building up the Overlanding community in South Africa and showing the world the beautiful places we have in our country!