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It's about escaping the rush of your everyday life. Taking the road less traveled on a self reliant, vehicle based journey to explore the incredible world around you.

Are Dual Battery Systems Still Relevant?? Flexopower Li444 Review (2020) [ROAM]

When I went into trying out the Flexopower Li444, I went in asking myself "Are Dual Battery Systems Still Relevant?" Do we still need need to wire into the alternator to get power, especially with the great solar panels on the market these days. Well I tested it out on a couple of trips and this is my review on the product and I let you know what I think of the good old reliable dual battery system!

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Back Breaking Botswana

Back Breaking Botswana

My Trip to Botswana with Sanlam GO Cover Botswana… A beautiful, wild place, with even more incredible people. My journey…
BFGoodrich KO2 : 15,000KM Review

BFGoodrich KO2 : 15,000KM Review

The eternal tyre debate! And just another tyre review…. Where do I even begin? When it comes to the Jimny,…
Wildog Bumpers & Rock Sliders

Wildog Bumpers & Rock Sliders

When I was working on building my Amarok I had my wish list of mods, and these guys were right…

The Roam Overlanding Podcast

ROAM Podcast: Episode 5 RTT Debate & Announcements

In this video, I make some exciting announcements about the future of ROAM! I also discuss the rooftop tent situation and how I have my roofrack kitted out. Its been a wild journey and this is the start of something new for you guys!
October 24, 2019

ROAM Podcast: Episode 4 Is it all a bit much?

On this episode of the ROAM Podcast, I chat about some of the recent changes to the vehicle, debate the future of ROAM Overlanding. Will I be changing my tires, and how do I really feel about the rooftop tent?? Find out on this episode of the ROAM Podcast
July 16, 2019

ROAM Podcast: Episode 3 with Rolbos Overland

In this Episode I sit down with Simon from Rolbos Overland and Importer of Blueridge Overland Gear South Africa ; we talk youtube, sponsors and their upcoming trip to Botswana. Enjoy!
May 30, 2019

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