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Rugged Overlanding

It's about escaping the rush of your everyday life. Taking the road less traveled on a self reliant, vehicle based journey to explore the incredible world around you.

Final Episode: Ultimate Micro Overlander Walk Around

It's finally time to do the Ultimate Micro Overlander Walk Around! My Suzuki Jimny has been recognised around the world, and has been an incredible learning experience for me! Join me as I take a detailed look at all the components and talk about everything from Bumper Replacements, Roofrack Accessories, Drawersystems, Camping Fridges, the whole nine yards! This will be a premiered episode, so I can answer any additional questions you might have! I want to give a big shout out to all the brands who have worked with me over the course of the build, Eezi Awn, Wildog, Bushtech Aluminium Canopies, Des Sol 4x4, National Luna, Takla Products, Osram, Garmin and the many more individuals who have made all of this possible! I cant wait for whats to come next!

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Back Breaking Botswana

Back Breaking Botswana

My Trip to Botswana with Sanlam GO Cover Botswana… A beautiful, wild place, with even more incredible people. My journey…
BFGoodrich KO2 : 15,000KM Review

BFGoodrich KO2 : 15,000KM Review

The eternal tyre debate! And just another tyre review…. Where do I even begin? When it comes to the Jimny,…
Wildog Bumpers & Rock Sliders

Wildog Bumpers & Rock Sliders

When I was working on building my Amarok I had my wish list of mods, and these guys were right…

The Roam Overlanding Podcast

ROAM Podcast: Episode 15 Give Away Winner Reveal!

Tonight we announce the winners of the Olight giveaway! Woop! Join us for a chat and some banter while we announce the winners! Congratulations to the Winner; James Mulatya – Kenya, Renaldo Duncan – Capetown and Ev Saunders – Cape Town
July 2, 2020

ROAM Podcast: Episode 14 Our First Giveaway! Hilux 2.8 vs 2.4??

How Exciting!? We have our first giveaway on the livestream! I will be reviewing the Olight M2R Pro Warrior torch, as well as announcing the Giveaway rules. We shout out the latest #IROAM entries, then we get to chatting about the Hilux 2.8 vs 2.4. See you later!
June 23, 2020

ROAM Podcast: Episode 13 ROAM at Home: Auto vs Manual, Gullwings & What Extra’s Are Being Sold With The Jimny

On todays Livestream, we are going to discuss some pro’s and con’s of Auto vs Manual transmission; as you all know by now I am buying a new vehicle and this decision has been plaguing me lately, lets chat about it! Plus with the excitement of the Gullwings being launched last week, come and ask some questions if you have any!👌🏻
June 15, 2020

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